It’s the holiday season! Your dental hygiene may not exactly be your biggest priority at the moment, it’s still important to protect your oral health this time of year. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get off track! We’re sharing a few ways to keep your smile in excellent shape all season long:

  1. Keep up your oral care routine.

When you busy planning holiday meals, wrapping gifts, and everything else that comes with the season, brushing your teeth and flossing may not be at the top of the list. But make room for this regular part of your routine anyway! 

  1. Limit how many candy canes you enjoy.

It’s hard to resist dunking a candy cane in a cup of hot chocolate but unfortunately they are terrible for your teeth. This kind of candy sticks to your tooth enamel and is very difficult to simply brush clean. So, limit how many you enjoy.

  1. Don’t use your teeth as scissors.

As you wrap gifts, it’s tempting to use your scissors to tear off some ribbon or tape. Resist the urge! Using your teeth like scissors can chip or crack your tooth. 

  1. Avoid the damage of teeth grinding.

As exciting and joyful as this holiday can seem, it can also be incredibly stressful. From financial woes to other burdens we carry through the season, the stress of it can often lead people to grind their teeth. Unfortunately, this can cause dental damage as a result. Make sure you visit us for a mouthguard to protect your smile from this habit.

  1. Cut down on cookies.

If you are attending a lot of holiday parties, you’ll run into a lot of holiday cookies too. Try not to overload your plate too much with sweets. Instead, pile on the cut veggies, sliced cheeses, and healthy sources of protein like turkey instead.

Most importantly, don’t forget to schedule a checkup before the year ends. We’ll make sure your smile is healthy and strong as the new year begins.

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