Repair Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Wauwatosa

As a restorative dentist, Dr. Lakisha Arif-Holmes has many options when it comes to repairing her patients’ smiles. Perhaps none are so versatile as Wauwatosa dental crowns and bridges. These restorations can be used in a variety of ways to put your smile back into shape and help you feel better about your appearance. With her expert treatment using crowns and bridges, you can:

  • Eat and enjoy all your favorite foods again, including hearty, crunchy foods
  • Smile with confidence around friends and family, knowing that your teeth look attractive and natural
  • Improve your oral health and total body health
  • Aid your digestion through more complete chewing
  • Look younger, more robust, and more attractive
  • Increase your overall self-esteem
  • Protect your teeth from more extensive treatments that may be needed if problems aren’t addressed

Don’t go through life with teeth that don’t function as they should. Call Mayfair Family Dentistry today at 414-519-6724 to schedule an appointment. Our friendly office is located on West Bluemound Road, across the street from Suburpia. Be sure to ask about our sedation options if the idea of dental work makes you nervous.

Crowns & Bridges Can Give You a Better Quality of Life

When you can’t chew your food properly or you’re embarrassed to smile, life can be challenging. You may be tired of hiding your smile and suffering through mealtimes. If so, our team would love to help you get out of this situation. Depending on your needs, we probably have one or more solutions that can make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Our crowns and bridges are made from porcelain, plus we’ll use digital impressions for precision results. Below are some of the ways we can use a crown or bridge to repair your smile:

  • Crown for Tooth Repair – If you have a tooth that is badly decayed or damaged, we may recommend capping it with a sturdy new crown. The crown will strengthen the tooth and help prevent further damage to it. A crown is also commonly used to cap a tooth that’s been repaired with root canal therapy.
  • Fixed Dental Bridge – This type of bridge anchors to your other teeth to fill in gaps in your smile. There will be a crown on either end attached to the teeth, with one or more artificial teeth in the middle known as pontics.
  • Implant-Supported Crown – For a single missing tooth, this is the option for you. A specialist will place a dental implant where your tooth was. After a healing period, we can anchor a crown to the top to restore your tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – This bridge is secured by at least two dental implants rather than your other teeth. No tooth modification is involved, and the result is a stronger, more stable restoration.
  • Inlays and Onlays – These custom restorations are a mid-range repair between a standard filling and a crown. As a result, they are sometimes referred to as partial crowns.

When your smile is damaged, visit the experts at using dental crowns and bridges in Wauwatosa. Call Mayfair Family Dentistry today at 414-519-6724 to schedule an appointment.