Relieving Dental Anxiety in Wauwatosa Is Something We Take Seriously

Many people have at least a little anxiety about visiting the dentist. So, whether dental work doesn’t faze you at all or your palms get sweaty just thinking about getting your teeth cleaned, we understand. Our team members are experts when it comes to relieving dental anxiety in Wauwatosa. With Dr. Arif-Holmes’s gentle touch and the compassion of our dedicated team, our care will help you:

  • Maintain a beautiful smile you can be proud of
  • Catch and treat small problems before they worsen
  • Feel less anxious about future dental visits
  • Reduce your risk of dental emergencies

Call Mayfair Family Dentistry today at 414-519-6724 to get the gentle dentistry you deserve. You’ll find our friendly office on West Bluemound Road, across from Suburpia. As a member of the Special Care Dentistry Association, Dr. Arif-Holmes is committed to offering care for special-needs patients.

Relax in Our Sensory-Friendly Environment

We work hard to give you a seamless dental experience every time you visit us. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and concerns and be sure to answer all your questions so you can make informed decisions about your dental care. You’ll also have your choice of sedation options to calm any anxious nerves:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Just breathe in sweet-smelling laughing gas, and in moments you’ll begin to feel at ease from head to toe. The sedative effect will vanish just as quickly so there aren’t any lingering aftereffects.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – We’ll prescribe a small pill for you to take ahead of time. It will give you a complete feeling of relaxation, although you should remain awake and able to communicate with our staff.

Plus, we offer a full menu of amenities to help you relax and feel at home, including comforts for patients with sensory issues in both our waiting area and treatment rooms:

  • Light dimmers to relieve stress on your eyes
  • Soft pillows for head and neck support
  • Warm blankets to help you feel cozy
  • Noise-canceling headphones to eliminate unwanted sounds
  • Stress balls and fidget spinners for a pleasant diversion

When you’re nervous about dentistry, visit the team that specializes in relieving dental anxiety in Wauwatosa. Call Mayfair Family Dentistry today at 414-519-6724. You can also request an appointment online.