Improve Your Oral Health With General Dentistry in Wauwatosa

General dentistry in Wauwatosa is important to your smile just like oil changes are for your car. Without proper routine maintenance, neither one will perform like it should. At Mayfair Family Dentistry, we place a high priority on general dental care because we understand how critical it is to maintaining a beautiful smile and healthy mouth. Our general dentistry treatment can help you:

  • Smile with more confidence
  • Catch and treat small problems early on
  • Reduce the risk of pain and costly dental emergencies
  • Enjoy a gorgeous grin for life
  • Keep your mouth in great shape and achieve your smile goals

Take good care of your smile by scheduling a checkup with our team. Call us today at 414-519-6724, and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you.

Experience Thorough & Comfortable Exams

We won’t keep you waiting long before we invite you to a comfortable room to get settled into one of our dental chairs. If you’re a new patient here for a dental exam and cleaning, we’ll review your medical history and take a complete set of digital X-rays. We’ll take a panoramic X-ray to check for oral cancer or other areas of concern and use an electronic cavity detector to check for small traces of tooth decay.

Then, we’ll clean and polish your teeth using an ultrasonic scaler that will leave your teeth spotless. If you’re concerned about discomfort, we offer topical anesthetic to numb your mouth. Next, Dr. Arif-Holmes will come in to do a dental exam and double-check any problem areas. You’ll leave with clean teeth and a solid understanding of your oral health.

Besides cleanings and exams, we offer several other types of general dental care, including:

  • Gum Disease Treatment – We can provide traditional scaling and root planing to get your gums back into shape, or use laser treatment that is completely comfortable.
  • Fluoride Treatments and Varnishes – When fluoride is applied directly to your tooth enamel, it will help remineralize it and strengthen your teeth.
  • Tooth Sealants – An ultra-thin plastic coating applied to the chewing surface of molars forms a protective barrier against decay-causing bacteria.
  • Custom-Fit Mouthguards – Dr. Arif-Holmes can have a mouthguard made that will help eliminate TMJ problems and teeth grinding. We can also fit you or your children with athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth during sports.

For excellent general dentistry in Wauwatosa, look no further than Mayfair Family Dentistry. Call us today at 414-519-6724 to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.